I had a wonderful time at the meeting Friday and Saturday. Most of you expressed interested in meeting again. I would like to propose we set another meeting in May or June on a Saturday from 9a-12p. Going forward, a monthly or bi-monthly meeting was requested. We could do a weekday during summer, but I think we will get more teachers if we do a weekend date going forward. Melissa Green has tentatively agreed that we could use facilities at Sac City College again, which would get us wifi and a place to sit. What say you all?

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I have the same question, Peter.
I think the 9-noon on Saturdays format is a good one. And I really liked the location, wifi, and lack of filtering/blocking at Sac City College.
Really makes a k-12 teacher jealous, doesn't it?
Really enjoyed the relaxed environment for the meetings and discussion on Saturday. I will try to make any meetings that are set up. The first two weeks of June can be sometimes hectic with school ending and grades to be done. Other than that, a Saturday I agree is a good day. Thank you Melissa for offering a room a the college again.
The Online Educators group at our college is planning to host a 2-day follow-up event on Friday and Saturday, October 2nd and 3rd at Folsom Lake College. I'm working on early-stage planning (room scheduling, resource coordination, etc.) but I wanted to give folks a heads-up so that you can pencil in the dates on your calendars.
Great! I would love to do that as well. It was nice meeting with college folks.
Count me in!
I'm interested in more CR Sac meetups.
Yippee! When would you prefer?
Thanks for letting me know.

I came away from the weekend informed and refreshed, and I'm looking forward to meeting again.

If there's anything I can do to help ahead of time, please let me know.



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