I had a wonderful time at the meeting Friday and Saturday. Most of you expressed interested in meeting again. I would like to propose we set another meeting in May or June on a Saturday from 9a-12p. Going forward, a monthly or bi-monthly meeting was requested. We could do a weekday during summer, but I think we will get more teachers if we do a weekend date going forward. Melissa Green has tentatively agreed that we could use facilities at Sac City College again, which would get us wifi and a place to sit. What say you all?

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Pass the word! and let us know, May or June?
Let's do June! It will be a nice celebration to the end of the school year. Does June work for you, Alice? When will you be gone for NECC?
I'm up for June. We're looking at a Saturday, right?
Hope I can join you remotely. I wonder if we can use Elluminate for this? I really want to join.
I think we could use Elluminate with LearnCentral.
Thank you for the message Donelle about the upcoming plans. I would love to participate if meetings are held at the LRC. It was great meeting everyone there at the Classroom 2.0 for learning and sharing. Merci!

You are so welcome. It was great to meet. Hopefully we'll have a chance to chat more next time.
Good to see you today in the web seminar. :)
Thanks, Donelle for adding me to the list... I'd love to join the group session! The 9-12 p timeframe is perfect.
So glad you found it. Love that picture of you and your nephews. I hope you'll be able to make it to future meetings. It was great to connect with those teaching at the college level. I have several students taking classes at Sierra this year. They love it.
May & June 09 meetings are not likely at SCC due to technology projects and summer schedule. Can we also look for informal venues - what about community rooms at large grocery store chains or other locations.

Some of what I'd like to learn is preparing content for web posting. Podcasting, for example, the last step is internet based. So what about picking topics that are flexible for non-internet tasks and sharing.

Possible date for SCC event is Saturday, August 15th.

We need a better calendar option for planning dates than this way of posting.
We could, but I find tech get togethers without wifi or internet access to be frustrating. When you get used to ubiquitously accessing the internet to show stuff, it's like cutting off your arm. I could look at getting space at my school or district lab.

Podcasting requires some internet work in the middle if you are using music since you'll want to locate it online, and then edit it in offline, and then post it.



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