Please help, even though this is probably a really stupid question, but aaargh I just can't figure this out. I have a Ning network and I want to add a tab plus sub-tabs (got this far OK) and then the new pages. The problem is that whichever way I try to type/paste the text on the new page, once I save it, the text comes out as one block without any of the line spaces I want to have there. What should I do???

I would really appreciate anybody's help here, since I can't find any clues on the Ning help pages

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You need to use HTML code to format the page. If you search Google you can find a lot of HTML tutorials. For example, to put in paragraphs you have to put in paragraph tags.
Thanks a lot! I suspected it's got to be something like this. Will have a go!
If you want a Ning only method - use the Note feature. You can make the Note using Rich Text and then save the source HTML code from the Source Tab. If you copy the Source Tab info and paste it into a Ning Page it will look okay or look like your note:

Yess! This works and is relatively easy for someone not at all HTML-savvy. I had noticed the Rich Text in the Note feature, but wasn't clever enough to think to use it like this. I expected the pages to have the same Rich Text, but obviously not.
Thank you so much once again!



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