I'm working with a large group of teachers, and I'm trying to provide a low-cost interactive whiteboard option to them. I've created a Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard, which is great (and only $55). But now, I need to find some free software to use with it.

In the past, I've used Promethean ACTIVstudio software, which is great. Promethean has a free version that you can use without Promethean hardware, called ActivInspire, which is nice. However, ActivInspire (and all the other free and open source software I've found) doesn't include an image library.

Does anyone know of any free interactive whiteboard software that includes annotation, an image library, as well as widgets/tools like the ACTIV ruler, protractor and dice? If not, what's the best free software you've come across for use with an interactive whiteboard?


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I am assuming that the system's hardware that you have going is a projector system with the Wiimote sending in information to a computer that is much like a mouse would (left, right, click, double click). Why not try using a vRoom's whiteboard? You can get a free three seeat one through LearnCentral. If it works, you will have the added advantage that home bound students could log in from home and participate as well. There are a lot of Elluminate interactive already free to download that Elluminate users have shared. You can easily make your own activities by draging and dropping images from the net (doesn't work in IE for some reason), take a screenshot of, bring in from a hard drive, or make right there using the whiteboard tools.

Let me know if you need help and if the idea works. I teach fully online, so I don't need or have a whiteboard at the front of the room since a whiteboard is built in to Elluminate, but I am curious to know if it works.Talk to Alan Strange. He is exploring the use of the Elluminate vRoom with a Promethian right now and seems to be loving the combination. He is a memebre here at CR 2.0 as well as at Learn Central. He has a Wave about his explorations running too.
Thanks, Tammy. I'll try out vRoom.
I also use a wiimote whiteboard in my first grade class. I have started my own website for all of the great interactive resources I've found on the web. Check it out. Let me know what you think. mrholshoe.com You will find all of the best links I have found so far. Check out the Free Screen Download Overlays section on the Teachers page. I use Pointofix. You can then use your ir led pen to write on any screen.

Here are a few pics of the resources I've found.

Check out Dabbleboard under my Team Whiteboard section on the Teachers page of my site. mrholshoe.com You can insert images, text, drawings, etc. You can also send a link to your page to someone else. This would allow classrooms to collaborate in real time.

Eric, Thanks so much! Your site is great -- there are a lot of wonderful links there. I will definitely refer others.



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