I haven't seen this question asked recently, but sorry if I missed it.  I am looking for recommendations for a safe place for students to upload video.  A teacher I work with wants her students to create videos for an oral history project and then put them online.  YouTube is not blocked at our school, but I am looking for something geared toward the educational community (preferably free).  My research so far shows mixed reviews for sites like TeacherTube. 

Any ideas would be most welcome.  Thank you!


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I use schooltube and I like the fact that I am able to moderate all of the videos.  It also has the functionality to sort items by your school so the students can easily find your work. 


I've tried youtube, but so much other content comes up in the recommended panes that it became very distracting. 


Good luck in your search. 

SchoolTube was going to be the next thing I looked at, so thanks so much for your comments.  I am trying to steer clear of YouTube if possible.
This is might be more work than you're looking for, but Google Apps for Education (free) has an app called Google Video. It functions as an intranet video site (kids and viewers need to login in order to view the video).
Zach, I looked into this, but it looks like you have to be using Google Apps for Education (that is, as a school or district) and not just the free Google Apps in order to have access to video.  Am I wrong?
Thanks, everyone....I think SchoolTube might be the best solution for us.

There's a website called Voice Thread, where you can upload videos.  The neat thing is also that if you have a microphone, you can also reply back on those videos. https://voicethread.com/



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