I've been a solid user (and huge advocate) of Moodle for the past 4 years. Next year it looks like my district is going to switch from Moodle to Blackboard (Release 9). I've only known Blackboard from a student's perspective, so I registered a free trial with Blackboard to try and get a sense of what it's like from the perspective of a teacher.

I'm wondering if there are any other teachers who might have experience - as a teacher - with both LMSs?

At first glance, I'm nervous. It seems that Blackboard is missing a lot of the features I've grown to count on with Moodle. But this might just be my unfamiliarity with the program (and complete familiarity with Moodle).


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I know this isn't the response you were asking for, but, like you, I've been a solid Moodle fan from the teacher perspective. I've had a chance to use both from the student perspective at SDSU.

In favor of Blackboard - integrated virtual meeting space (Wimba), slicker design, some neat abilities to make groups that have their own discussion spaces and other functions.

In favor of Moodle - the organization is more logical (discussions can be embedded in a lesson flow rather than having all discussions together in a separate area), more modules (especially since it is open-source there are tons of plugins for customization), when you reply to a discussion the parent discussion doesn't disappear as it does in Blackboard, future exciting features like the Moodle-Google Apps integration, and the obvious - it's free

I know that isn't really an answer to your question since I haven't seen Blackboard from the teacher side, but I thought I'd share my two cents : )
'd really be interested in the discussion that occurred to make that switch, although I doubt the whole truth is going to be committed to any kind of record, electronic or otherwise. Or, do work at an elite private school that can afford to be that much in control of the teaching and learning process?
I was not part of the discussion to make the switch - and the reasons I have been given make (at least to me) little sense. I work in great a (public) district that is committed to integrating technology in the classroom (our middle school is nearing a 1 to 1 ratio within the next year). For the most part, they give me a ton of resources and let me try new teaching strategies with my students. So I really can't complain.

Still, I strongly suspect this is one of those decisions that they'll regret in a few years. Or maybe not - people tend to have strong suspicions of open source.

I believe the newest version of blackboard lets you integrate your moodle or sakai class with Blackboard - but haven't been able to find any information on this. That's why I'm hoping someone in this network might have some thoughts!
I am also a moodle maniac. I am running several.

I also use ANGEL at the college level and can't really imagine why a district would use a pay program. ANGEL is slick but the cost differential can't be worth it.

I have never had any problems and moodle is great.

Check them out...


Sue Palmer

Part of Blackboard's Project NG (beginning with Release 9) functionality includes the learning environment connector which means that you will be able to continue using Moodle inside your Blackboard instance. Your students will still be logging into Blackboard to access your Moodle course but other than that not much changes. If you have any questions on this please feel to reach out to me directly.



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