From Singapore to Somalia: How Digitally Connected Youth are Reforming Model United Nations

Name and Title: Lisa Martin, Director/Co-Founder

Organization Name: O-MUN Online Model United Nations

Co-Presenter Name(s): McKenna Tucker (USA), Osama Ghani (Qatar), Nadine Fatteleh (Jordan)

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Amman, Jordan

Language: English

Target Audience(s): MS-HS Social Studies Teachers, Extra Curricular Advisors, Students

Short Session Description: This session will explore how a group of digitally connected high school students have created the first online MUN debating platform and community in the world, and how you can get involved.

Full Session Description 

For the past year, several hundred globally networked high school students have been working to bring the world's largest academic simulation, Model United Nations, to an online environment. From 12-15 debates in 2011-2012, to over 80 anticipated for 2012-2013, the O-MUN online debate's program has brought together a diverse group of students from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Australia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar and the UAE, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Somalia and the USA, UK and Greece. O-MUN, an entirely student-driven organization, has developed a vibrant online community using social media tools and promoting high academic standards via discussions and debates in a Bb classroom. Students are focusing on outreach to remote, untapped student populations and to bring them into a larger discussion/collaboration on global issues.

O-MUN is pioneering the use of badging for delegate recognition and certification, and expanding its program both into the middle school and university levels. The program is free and open to any student or school with internet access. Come see how easy it is to become part of this amazing student community. With tremendous leadership opportunities in this rapidly developing program, now is a great time to become involved in the most innovative Model UN program in the world. 

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