Game Theory, Interactive Web Sites, Videos, and Technology Integration

I've been thinking about what would work best in a perfect classroom and I'm firmly convinced that designing curriculum that is instructive and fun that incorporates a lot of technology and that is project based would meet my criteria. So I've been developing a wiki site that focuses on game theory, interactive web sites, videos, and technology integration. I don't have a classroom to experiment with my ideas and the sites I've found, but want to share the information and links with those of you who might be able to use some of my research. It's located @ and I do welcome comments, especially from those of you in the educational community who have applied game theory to the classroom, as well as the use of interactive sites, videos, and other types of technology integration.

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There is so much that should be included in my perfect classroom! The age is also a major factor on tech equipment.

Preschoolers: I would love to have them use leapsters ( Touchscreen monitors, on-demand media centers for music and skill-building games.

Elementary: 1:1 laptops for researching, math and grammar drills online, extension activities and simulations. Photo and videocameras. Scratch for programming/animation ( The Beatbugs and Music Shapers for a toy symphony ( Wii games for math and English (

Middle School: LAN networks for strategic games, in class sharing of resources, extension activities, flip cameras, itouch apps. Fun stuff for science like the lego Mindstorm ( to build robots. Guitar Hero and Rock Band in Music class (they might not play a real instrument but my love for music can be nurtured in new ways). Hyperscore for music compositon (

In all cases physical spaces must be reconsidered. More sofas, carpets, pillows, bean bag chairs, ball chairs, ergonomic chairs, standing up space, laying down space, etc. Who said that sitting on those desk chairs kids learn better?

Wow! I would love to go to school again!
Thanks for you great links!

Visit the Directory of Educational Resources on the Web for more online game ideas:



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