Gaming can make difficult science topics fun and easy to understand

Biology Shooter Game
Most first person shooter (FPS) games present lots of body parts, and not in a good way. Nano Legends isn’t a gory FPS, and it sure beats
cracking a book when students have to learn basic cellular biology and
cellular function.

In the future,  fleets of nano-sized medical bots are released in the human body to scout, protect and destroy diseases. One nano scout ship, the Hyperion, travels through the body to identify a potentially
lethal cell formation: cancer. Problems arise when the body doesn’t
recognize the Hyperion as a good guy, and starts attacking the ship.

Students find this very engaging and it makes teaching a very difficult science concept easy to teach.  This provides a 3D interactive learning game for students to understand cell science and cell biology.  It's great for grades 6 - 10.  see

let me know where you think gaming is effective in teaching science concepts.

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