In order to better understand how to using gaming as a launching point for learning, I have decided to become a gamer and share my insights as they relate to teaching with others. I hope this will help everyone as we begin integrating gaming into our teaching practice. I have a new blog to do this.

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I enjoyed reading your blog.  Very interesting idea!  Keep up the great work.

My 2nd graders are obsessed with video gaming (as I'm sure you could guess).  I found online where you can play the old Nintendo version of many video games.  While the graphics are not great, I had the students team up and learn how to play the games together.  Then they had to make a "how-to" writing project that explains to others how to play the game.  They also rated the game, gave an introduction, included screen-shot graphics and we made the final project into a "Video Game Strategy Guide" that they each took home a copy over break.  They loved it!

Thanks for the great idea...really got me thinking!


Hi Robert,


I'm glad you enjoyed my blog.  I must say I am very intrigued by the idea of gaming as a learning tool now that I've dipped my foot in.  I love the idea of writing instruction manuals.  Prezi would make an great tool for that. You've got me thinking.  I have a number of excellent links including research and articles that support gaming in the classroom.  I'll post them in my blog sometime this week.

Have a great day!


Great!  Thank you!
As you go down this journey two books might help with this journey.  I highly recomend "Digital Game-Based Learning" & "'Don't Bother Me Mom-I'm Learning!" both by Marc Prensky. He is the author of "digital natives vs. digital imagrants". While I don't buy all his ideas and theories about teens and multitasking I do like his thoughts on gaming and learning.
Minecraft was blocked today at my board. Has anyone else had this problem ?
With a simple request, Minecraft has been unblocked at my school.
Loved you blog.  Thanks.  I have been a gamer since the days of pong.  I would love to incorporate it into my room.  There are a ton of educational games out there now.
Thank you Paul. I went online to play pong! Now there's a game even I can figure out!
Have you seen this video a student made using Minecraft to create a model of Saturn and the rest of the planets in our Solar System?
I think that gaming is a great idea to use in the classroom. I am currently a student majoring in education and one of the classes that I am taking is based on becoming creative with many different activities and figuring out how to make them educational. I think that this just helps spark ideas and keep students entertained and wanting to learn. I really just think that with a little time and effort, everyday activities can be turned into something educational.

Hi Briana,

How wonderful to have a course in creativity! 



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