In May 2010 I will be starting my job search for my first teaching position. I will be trying to find a job as a 6 - 12 social studies teacher. It is well known that that specific teaching field is very competitive and many people compete for the same job. I wanted to get some feedback on how I can increase my chances of getting a job. What do I need to bring to the interview? What do they want to hear? I am very excited about teaching and love the idea of technology playing a role in my classroom. I have also been thinking about trying to become a Technology Integration Specialist at a school, but I'm not sure how that works either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Welcome, Jesse!

I'm a brand new teacher, having just graduated in May. There aren't a lot of teaching jobs in New Brunswick, Canada, so I count myself fortunate (blessed?) to have gotten a job.

This leads me to say 3 things:

1) I'm a rookie with lots of basic things to learn, so take all this with a generous heaping of NaCl.

2) I prepared a hard copy portfolio and an e-portfolio for the initial interview. My interview turned out to be a video conference at district office, with the acting principal and resource lady on the video screen. Despite the fact that this district is very technological and driven by a Professional Learning Community model... I used neither portfolio.

Still, I don't regret creating them. It was very challenging and beneficial for me to create them. Make sure you know about portfolios. And Harry Wong's First days of School is super useful too.

3) I applied for a 6-12 resource position. I was interviewed for a Grade 7 homeroom position, Language Arts specialist position, which I received. My job is Grade 7 homeroom, LA-Math-SocialStudies-Science-Art-Health-PersonalDevelopment position. Yes, I'd rather teach LA strictly - it's my affinity and my strength. However, referring back to my original thought, I'm still fortunate/blessed to be here. It's not exactly what I expected, but I'm glad I'm here.

The point is, you may not get exactly what you are looking for, but don't let that stop you from seeing other options. I think that great philosopher Mick Jagger sang something about that.

Good luck, and have fun. All the best.

I love this post because I'm in a similar situation!

I graduated in May 2007 in search of a 9-12 social studies position. I wasn't hired for one, but landed a job as an ed tech. If you get offered an education position, I would recommend taking it. Most people I've talked to say schools tend to hire staff they already know (like ed techs/aids) and in the two years I've been here I've learned a lot about teaching despite not having my own classroom. I too will be resuming my search for a position this Spring.

Best of luck this May!



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