Well, I have just received an invitation from People to People to join an Education Delegation to Brazil.  It is a welcome surprise needless to say.

I will be sharing my educational expertise with my Brazilian counterparts at all levels of education in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for two weeks.  I think I was considered due to my expertise with internet instruction and ELD/ESL instruction at the high school level (including coaching new teachers) and university (ELD methodology at National Hispanic University) levels.  

I went on such a trip 3 years ago to China and the memories of the trip are still as fresh in my mind as if it had been yesterday.  I received no support at that time though I was allowed to go.  I thought I could access my personal time, but my request was turned down.  Meanwhile, on my trip I met delegates from all grade levels whose districts were thrilled and sent them off with support ranging from sub time to partial financial support.

Now, the question is this time will my district see it through my eyes as an honor to have been selected?  How should I approach them on this one?  Any ideas?  How do I make the powers that be see that this is not a "vacation"?   If you have been on like excursions, how did you convince administrators that it was in their best interest to let you go?




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I think the best way to get admin support is to make it worth their while. They're losing you for 2 weeks -- what will they get out of the deal?

Perhaps you could plan to lead several PD sessions for the entire district once you return, based on what you learned. Or, if applicable, maybe you could offer to give a school-wide assembly for students. When one of our teachers went on an EarthWatch trip a few years back, we held a weekly assembly where she Skyped with students. She also kept up a blog, where she led student discussions regarding what she was doing. It turned into a school-wide learning experience for our kids.

Also, offer to contact local media outlets. Many newspapers and TV stations would be thrilled to do a human interest story on this adventure. Good press might be enough of a push for your admins.

Congratulations. And good luck!



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