I am thinking about using Glogster in my class of 150 7th graders. I am a little leary of the social aspects on the original version. Has anyone run into issues or have any advice?

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There is an Edu version of Glogster that a teacher can be the admin for. I don't think it stops the social aspects but you can monitor it better.
There are no links between edu.glogster.com and glogster.com. All aspects of the teacher generated student accounts are controlled by the teacher's dashboard. Over 2 million teachers/students from all over the world are enjoying the safe interface. As a former middle school teacher, and someone who sees all the feedback from our educators, your students will love the experience. Here are some resources that will help you get started. http://www.diigo.com/user/glogstereduman

Jim Dachos
Education Manager
Glogster EDU
I used the educational arm of Glogster (you have to use this, I think, since it gives the teacher oversight and shuts off the peer-to-peer messaging) for a project around reading Three Cups of Tea, and then a Bridge project. Both were huge successes with my students.
I would recommend it, although be sure to include some teaching of "design principles" in your lesson.


Here is a quick user guide I put together on how to register and get started using Glogster EDU.


As previously said, the EDU version does not let you link to the dubious postings on the original Glogster site, so is safe to use with students in class.
I signed up for the education subsidiary of Glogster but have yet to give my students their account information. I am using Glogster in collaboration with my web site for hosting multimedia content but hope to use Glogster later in the year. I too am interested in knowing what are the pitfalls.
I also have 150 7th graders using the EDU version of glogster in my history class. The Edu version does provide easy monitoring.
I am using it with 2nd-5th Graders. I have classes set up on Edu Glogster. If I'm not mistaken, I think you can disable that feature in the educational version. Since we use class accounts, I have to be aware of the videos and images they are uploading to the site. But I agree with the others, it is an easy thing to monitor.
I see several of you are using the Edu version of Glogster. I am thinking of giving this a try. Are you using the free version or one of the paid versions? I am really looking for a way to disable student to student messaging and limiting what they are able to search for in the way of content created by others. Thanks for any input.



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