Does anyone have experience with using Glogster?  Any helpful hints?  Are you using the Basic or Premium account?  


I'd like to open this up for my 7th grade World History students, but it doesn't seem as user-friendly as I'd like.  So far, I've only used it as an alternative assessment for a few students who did not do well on a quiz or test.  But I would like to open it up to my entire class as another way to incorporate multimedia into the curriculum.  


Thanks so much!



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We have used it quite a bit in our elementary schools. We have only played with the FREE account.


The only heads up I would share is to make sure you are using Glogster EDU and not Glogster. Glogster EDU has some nice builit in filters when it comes to searching other Glogs...Glogster EDU houses "appropriate for students" glogs.


Also, the way that they setup their student accounts under the teacher account makes it SO easy for teachers to setup student accounts...and reuse them from year to year. There is no need to reinvent the wheel :)


Thumbs up for Glogster EDU :)

never heard of Glogter EDU before. Thanks for the tip!

I am using Basic, but I got in when you could add 100 students on a Free Account.  So I simply created two accounts, lol, so I could get all of my students (150) in Glogster each semester. 


The Premium is nice cause you can create Classrooms, students have more stickers and text boxes to work with, AND they can link to their own files (word, powerpoint, excel, etc) they create.



My 6th Graders LOVE IT!  However,  I have had to spend at least half of the time the past  two days in class modeling how to create our "All About Me" Glogs.  It is tough to pick up and learn at first, but I love modeling for my students NOW cause when we do 2 or 3 glogs later, they will know exactly what to do and can pick up and go.  I think some of the beginning learning curves and difficulties with Glogster are just part of learning a new software/tool and will help your students next time you introduce a different software or Web 2.0 tool to the class. 


If your school can purchase a Premium Account, you could create some great "Digital Portfolios" where students can enter information about themselves, their interests, their future, and links to different files and projects they have created throughout the year. 


Glogsters can be used for integrating just about ANY topic or standard. I have posted quite a few examples over on my blog right here!  (Shameless plug, I know!).


So far, I have had the students do an "All About Me" where they talk about Hobbies, Favorites, Their Family, & Their Career.  This is all pretty basic except they have to do a lot of research on the career!  I want them to really work on practicing inserting pictures from home, from the Internet, videos, & Links.  Later we work on "Internet Safety & Awareness Posters", "Overcoming Adversity", and finally "All About the Iditarod" Glogs.


Here is a link to my glog called "Who's a Cyberbully?"  I even recorded an Original Rap Song about Cyberbullying, what it is, how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens to you!




Here is a link to my "Overcoming Adversity" Glog!




Both of them play music so check your speakers!  Hopefully these will give you some ideas of what is possible in Glogster.  There are some amazing designs and creations out there. 



Neat blog!
Glogster is great!   I have used the basic and premium.  Premium is nice since you can make separate classes, but the basic is a good place to start.  My high school kids love it and choose it over just about any other form of assessment option.  Also, they are offering the premium account for $59 a year right now (usually $99).

Hi Catherine,

My students love glogster, and so do I. They created glogs about their country and shared them with their peers from around the world in our wiki Greetings from the world. They learned a lot in this project and had lots of fun. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll soon find out how user-friendly it really is.

All the best


I use Glogster a lot. Setting up student accounts is not user friendly- but Glogster can be used in a lot of ways so once you are set up it is worth it. Students like using it, too. I have a basic membership- and have students post the links to their glogs on our classes online course, and that way students can use each other's glogs as study tools. I have also used this tools as a way to build background knowledge on a topic- which might work well in a history class. You can embed video, audio, links etc - making the glogster more than just a poster because it is interactive.

I've used it with both a basic and premium account.  If you have a Google docs account, create a form where students can put their first name, last name, class period, and link to their Glog.  It makes them easier to manage and assess.  Here's a Glog with some helpful tips :)


Have fun!  :)

I'm new using Glogster, so I wonder how can I make it public or accesible to my students so they can finish a poster?

Would you give some tips about?



Once you create an account in Glogster, you create accounts for your students to log in.  So as long as they have their usernames and passwords and internet connection, they can log in and work on their Glogs.  Once their Glogs are created, you can make them public from your Glogster Dashboard.  When you click on your student's Glog, go to the bottom of the page and you will see you can keep the Glog private or make it public for all.  Hope that helps :)


I've been using this for a research presentation option with students grades 4-8. I had more difficulty getting them logged in than anything else. Our students seemed to really enjoy working with it. The only downside is the video upload has to be a School Tube or You Tube video which adds an extra step for those who are creating their own video.
They do NOT have to be School Tube or YouTube Videos.  Simply have your student click videos on their Magnet Tool in Glogster then simply click on UPLOAD.  They can upload their own videos saved on their Hard Drive.



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