Does anyone have experience with using Glogster?  Any helpful hints?  Are you using the Basic or Premium account?  


I'd like to open this up for my 7th grade World History students, but it doesn't seem as user-friendly as I'd like.  So far, I've only used it as an alternative assessment for a few students who did not do well on a quiz or test.  But I would like to open it up to my entire class as another way to incorporate multimedia into the curriculum.  


Thanks so much!



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Hi everyone!


Thank you SO much for all of the helpful hints and awesome examples!  =)  I'm getting a whole new set of students next week and in my eyes...that's a new set of guinea pigs in which to experiment with glogster. 


Wish me luck...


Dear all,

Thanks a lot for sharing. I came across Glogster a few days ago and told my students about it. But it wasn't "edu". Now that I've read about some useful tips how to use it and have seen some example Glogs, I can't wait till morning to talk to my students again.  ))

Best wishes to you all!

Another question, when looking at the Glogs at school, the video will not load- I am assuming it is because YouTube is blocked by our school district, and most videos are from YouTube- I'm not sure though, because it seems as though no videos will load. 

Any thoughts?  I'd like to get my students playing with it on Wednesday, but wanted to show some "good" examples first.




If you visit @grade1 on twitter, the grade one students are teaching grade 8 students how to use Glogster. Have you tried Prezi.  I really like this tool for creating interactive multimedia presentations as well.  It is easy to use (if I can figure it out anyone can!).
I agree, Prezi is awesome. I'm a little mad at the program right now since it somehow deleted something I was working on!!
In fact, I haven't used Glogster seriously. I've used the test area, and made an experience.  could see through this, that Glogster is really a complete multi-semiotic tool which can help a lot with teaching activity, and I intend to use it when I become a teacher.
I love Glogster. I've used it for two grad school classes so far. I agree with you in the fact that it isn't as easy to work with as you might think. I think some of the items that you use can be touchy. However, I think that your students would love it. I did find it easy to incorporate pictures and videos though. I would recommend starting with something simple to get the kids used to it. I bet they do a great job since it doesn't seem like a traditional report/project. Good luck.



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