I am presenting at a city wide workshop for secondary teachers, and one of my objectives is to encourage participants to either quit using PowerPoints in the classroom as the sole method of technology integration/delivery, or sprucing/livening them up and improving them. I know I've seen effective PPT examples out there in cyberspace, but I forget where I found them. Do you have good examples of how PPTs should look and really effective ones that I can use for examples? Thanks ahead of time!

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I am not sure if this is what you meant but I just had a conversation with my AP about PowerPoints in general. I am having my group of fourth graders designing a PowerPoint project with voice over and she told me about this slideshow called "Death by PowerPoint" related to the overall design elements of powerpoints. It can be found at http://www.slideshare.net/thecroaker/death-by-powerpoint. My students are just learning how to use powerpoint so we are guilty of having too much information on the slides and reading the text word for word. I'll encorporate more of his suggestions with next years group. Hope that helps. Those projects will be going on our blog within the next week or so.

BINGO! That's what I was thinking of. I look forward to seeing your projects and I can share with my 80 some teachers. I have a 4th grade teacher that would enjoy looking at them also.
I just finished taking a course on this. Just a few tips on creating a powerpoint that is readable and legible to kids. Comic Sans is a very readable font for kids. Keep all of the text aligned to the left. Don't center anything, even titles. Try to use only one accent color for your font other than your main color. If your presentation is going to be given in a room with a fair amount of light or sunlight (since kids are usually taking notes also) then your background should be white and your text dark. Don't use a dark background unless the room is dark. Don't overdo animations.

I could go on and on, but if you are presenting at a workshop, you should check out this book, Visual Literacy


Yes, these are the simple kind of examples I'm talking about. I asked high schoolers what makes their skin crawl when they're in a classroom and they commented, "WHEN A TEACHER OPENS UP A POWERPOINT!"
On a bit of a side tangent, here's an interesting way to use PowerPoint. I teach at the jr college level and I showed this to my class and actually had a student mimic this style in his final presentation. He did a great job!

http://identity20.com/media/OSCON2005/ (about 15 min)

You can ignore the content of the PowerPoint but the presentation method is pretty interesting.

A bit of outside-the-box thinking....
Cha ching! I remember seeing this one also--thanks for the link...outside-the-box: exactly what I want!
I could try to explain my suggestions, but just watch this short and humorous video:

Chris, yes! I forgot about this one...way too funny; maybe I can open with this one.
I got this handout from NCTE's ReadWriteThink Website. I use it in my computer and writing classes when students use PowerPoint.

Right now I don't have any student samples that don't have photos of my students on them. I teach 8th grade, and my students love using PhotoBooth :-) so I let them put their own group photos in their presentations.
Thanks, Barbara! I appreciate a good handout that I can use!
I presented using ppt for years. I used it to screen capture all the sites I wanted to show from the internet, (so I wouldn't have to wait for sites to load) not to impart a buch of verbiage. Any written information was done on the handout and accompanying website. Powerpoint was never meant to be used the way it is used by students and teachers. It was suppose to be a backdrop for an oral presentation, a 'speech'. I think the most powerful ppts are wonderful images backdropping a wonderful talk. Check out Dan Meyer's blog--he talks a lot about design.
nancy, I really like this idea of using PP as a backdrop. I have a 6th grade student who wants to do a PP for his study of Mongolia so I think I'll help him approach it this way.



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