I am presenting at a city wide workshop for secondary teachers, and one of my objectives is to encourage participants to either quit using PowerPoints in the classroom as the sole method of technology integration/delivery, or sprucing/livening them up and improving them. I know I've seen effective PPT examples out there in cyberspace, but I forget where I found them. Do you have good examples of how PPTs should look and really effective ones that I can use for examples? Thanks ahead of time!

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Judy--sounds like a good plan. Make sure the images are high quality--not pixelated. You can seach google images by image size--choose large. Make sure the images enhance the script and don't distract.

A couple of years ago we did a unit on Leonardo daVinci. Each team chose one of four options for study--Leonardo as Inventor, Artist, Engineer, or Scientist. After months of research each team wrote a script to defend their point and presented the 'play' in front of a backdrop of images---with period music it ended up really cool.
Nancy--I just added your idea into the script for Tuesday!
Chris--great wiki...thanks for sharing!
I have a simple rule when explaining PowerPoint strategies to other teachers.

-If you could do it on an overhead projector, it isn't PowerPoint.

This works less with students as many have no idea what an overhead projector is :p

I do, however, have to respectfully disagree with the idea that text and bullets are the enemy of good PowerPoints. My lecture notes are very text heavy for two reasons. First, my students do not use the textbook so all information, including very technical information comes from me. Second, I have at least half of my students classified as English Learners, they are not yet capable of taking notes strictly off of my spoken words, regardless of imagery (and frankly, I'd argue most 7th graders aren't, regardless of home language.)

Here's a sample of my notes in video form. The avatar will give you an idea of what I'm doing while the lecture is playing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X05VV9F8sa4
I don't think you can consider what you do as a ppt. You might use ppt as the tool but what you have done would be more easily compared to an online class or video lesson. Must take you hours! N

BTW, there is a typo in the starwars-like writing.
Ya, I caught the typo far too late. It is a serious pain to fix :p

I don't use them as videos in class. They are run as full slideshows with me doing the play by play not the little robo avatar.
I got that, but they are still a lot of work and don't think they can be included in the Good ppt Vs. Bad ppt discussion! haha! They are in a class by themselves! Keep up the good work. N
I loved your video. I hope it's okay to share with my social studies teachers. I'm a middle school media specialist, and I agree with you about notes & 7th graders. They need all th support we can give them. Thanks
Kev: I'm reminded of the screen tool on the Promethean Boards that you can pull down to reveal each section one at a time in order for students to focus. Thank you for your input!
Hi everybody, you are having a very important discussion here, thank you for bringing it up, Brian :)
I started to use ppp years ago, and noticed that my view on the purpose of the ppp changed. Today I believe that there are no BAD PPPs they all are good. The mistakes we make are either stages of growth or characteristics of the person who made the PPP.
I use the software called PowerPoint Presentation as an instructional tool, not as "Presentation" tool and give it to the students. I don't make PPPs; they do. And I don't teach the topic any other way. My students use the software to keep records while they are researching the topic. That means they find information, they find illustrations and animations, they annimate their slides and repeatedly go over the same information while doing all of that. They are having fun learning the new topic, you hear "Ohs" and "wows" every day and every period. Each file is different even when they use wikipadia as the resorce, and found the same picture. The best thing is not the final product, but the process of learning and creating it.
Very often the product is very primitive, or wordy, or is not readable. So what? You give them an advice, you praise them anyway, and you give them the next assignment. Increase the dificulty of your requirements, if you want to or feel it's neccessary, but you will see their growth even if you don't change the assignment, just the topic to learn. Very often you will see they didn't need your advice they came with the correction on their own, and you'll enjoy the fact that it was you who created the conditions in which they can grow.

Now about special education kids: they do unbelivable job on PPP if left alone with the assignment. I have the most incredible experience with the SpEd kids. They turned out to be the most creative ones. They get annoyed with too much instruction they want to investigate on their own. They just need encouragment from you.

Here you can take a look at some of my assignments from the past this year assignments are not there, sorry :):):)

I hope I was clear, any software can be used for instructions, not exactly to the liking of people who created it :):):) but maybe, it is their genius to create a multipurpose product :)
Maria--thanks for the input and links. Teachers always enjoy getting ideas from others' work!
Maria, It sounds like you are using the tool to meet the needs of your kids, bravo. BUT I think many teachers allow c/p text, copyrighted and pixelated images, no citations etc--IMO that isn't best practice and it teaches some bad habits.



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