I was hoping someone might know of some websites which provide free online reading material appropriate for English lessons by grade 5, 6 or 7 classes. I haven't been too successful as most are simply blurbs or eventually direct you to Amazon.

As a 2.0 class, I'd like to start moving them onto the 'net and away from paper.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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I did a science fiction short story unit last semester in kahoots with a bigger curriculum on inventions and robotics. All of the short stories, except I, Robot were found online, I read the stories with gifted 5th and 6th graders and the kids enjoyed the discussions. You can find the list and links here.
Are you looking for fiction or non-fiction? There are a lot of resources for non-fiction articles that you can use. I have some links on my class website.
Hi Katie,

Mainly fiction but I'm trying to create a English resource of link, etc. for our school and we seem to be weak in free English materials across the board, but especially in fiction.

Thanks for your help!



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