I am wondering if there are any math teachers who would be interested in developing a set of "good questions" and/or projects that could easily be aligned to California Math standards (7th grade and Algebra). My algebra class has started a project that involves many of the algebra standards that we covered during the 1st semester. You can find the project here. And see some of the work in progress here and here.

If you are interested, send me a message or leave a comment.


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I like the project! Thanks for posting it. (Andrew from Indiana)
I love your idea - I teach math and science at the middle school and high school levels, and am always on the lookout for great project ideas. As biologist by training, however, I must mention that pistachios and cotton don't grow everywhere on earth. The knowledge that our food and fiber comes from plants is important - but knowing that they need particular climates is equally important. Could you have an additional task, for a future class or as a followup question - "What are the agricultural crops that could grow in your chosen plot of land?" "Is it likely that pistachios or cotton can grow here?" Kids certainly understand that animals cannot live everywhere - plants, fungi, protists, and bacteria are organisms, too!



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