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I am brand new to Classroom 2.0 and am going to be doing my student teaching this fall. I am interested to see if anyone can provide me with some good resources for technology integration in the elementary classroom? I am set up with RSS, so blogs are great, but I am having difficulty finding ones that are informative and up-to-date. I will be teaching second grade this fall, so sites that are specifically for 2nd grade teachers would be even better. Thanks so much!


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Mary Beth,

Thanks so much for the websites suggestions. I am going to follow your blog as well. And thanks for the Twitter suggestion....I just added them to people I am following and think it will be the first time I say this "Twitter IS a useful tool." :)
Thanks for starting this post, Mary Beth! I'll be starting my student teaching shortly and I've bookmarked all the recommended sites. I wanted to check with you about Twitter. I've never really used it and I was wondering if it was helpful for you during your student teaching? Good luck with all your future endeavors!
Free Tech for Teachers
iLearn Technology
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites

These are the four I follow on RSS feeds... I haven't found anything better, and I've been looking for a long time. Good luck with your student teaching and write me if you have any questions.
Thanks, Chris! I really appreciate it. Being new to all of this, it's overwhelming and I have found a lot of sites where I have to "sift" through all kinds of stuff to get to posts that are truly useful. If you find more and think of it...send them my way! Thanks again!

Thanks John...they both look great!
I agree w/ all those below excellent blogs to follow, perhaps my PDF will be a useful resource as well...

Thanks so much , David! I loved looking through some of the tools that you recommend. This is exactly the type of stuff that I want to be aware of , so I subscribed to your blog! thanks again! Jill
I'm glad you found it useful, hopefully the other volumes will be just as beneficial. Thanks for subscribing, feel free to use these things and that PDF however best meets your needs!!
Check out www.teachersconnecting.com to connect with a vibrant learning community of teachers and technology. The site/podcast is the baby of Ben Hazzard and Joan Badger of the now defunct Smartboard podcast. You'll be able to listen the podcasts from the past year. Also, Two Tech Chicks is another informative and fun podcast. You can find both of these on iTunes and they're free.

I recently started a blog for teaching with Google Docs and Blogger. You may want to follow it, might be helpful:


First off, I hope your student teaching experience is going well so far. I just began my M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, though I have not yet taught...long story! Anyways, I'm taking an online course called "Professional Learning Networks." It's great because it's teaching us about all there is out there to connect to for teachers...there's a ton! It can become overwhelming at times. I've found that unless you have a specific topic you're searching, it can be cumbersome. With that being said, some of the things we've learned about and were able to try out were:

google scholar

These are websites you can sign up and type specific topics, such as your technology integration in the elementary classroom and find blogs or other articles to help you in your search.

I know you were asking for something specific in this post, but figured checking out those other sites could help you in the future with other topics. Good luck!!!



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