I just saw a video about google docs and thought it might be interesting to try out for a collaborate project idea I have for my fourth grade students. However, I noticed that in the terms and conditions that students have to be 13 years or older (mine are 9/10).

Does anyone know of another online site like google docs that can be used for students that are under 13?

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Your students don't need email addresses to do google docs education edition. You will upload a list of users and it creates the accounts (just a create a simple csv file). Go to this link to get started. Once you've got your users uploaded, you can choose to activate email for them or leave it unactivated. You'll have plenty of power over the accounts once you've got it set up.
Thanks for sharing. You know, as much time as I spend using google apps......sheesh.
This is exactly what I want. I have researched many, many web 2.0 applications and like Google Sites the best by far, but the age restriction and the fact students need email addresses are completely inhibiting our use of the application.
Elise, this looks great! I just built a 1 prim object with a url launch giver in it for SL and it seems to work just fine to launch the thing in an outside browser. Looking into Campfire for collaboration too, from the same folks--http://www.campfirenow.com. Very cool. For meetings in Second Life, having that open in an external browser window would be a good way to be able to easily share and archive chat, files, code, whatever...

Thanks for sharing.
Again, for me, it's interesting that I keep returning to wikis as the solution. The can be hosted locally with free software, or used with services that don't keep student emails so have no age limits. And as much as I personally love Google Docs, I find it almost impossible to track revisions compared to a wiki.

Hi boss

What about wiki privacy  in contrast Google doc?

We use pbwiki and like it very much. Students don't need email addresses, and setting up class accounts is a breeze.
I am looking for this as well. I feel like I saw all the wikis in the world already.....


I am completely sold on Google everything and I put my 13 year-olds on it, then reality struck. Just before Christmas, we started getting shut out of docs. Turns out that Google houses YouTubes on the same server (sometimes) as our docs, so our district firewall prevents us from seeing our docs! I'm so disgusted. I can't seem to get anyone in my district to get me up to date on what's happening and Google doesn't seem to care. I'll be looking into alternative hosts this weekend with a sad, sad heart.


Thanks for the alternates, everyone. I'm trying them out, now.

I believe Google Apps for Education gets round the age problem, at least it does in the UK - but someone would need to set it up for your school.


Would a wiki do the trick? I use Wikispaces for young students and have been really pleased with it. In fact several of our older students also use wikis. Teachers can create users and no email is required, students of any age can use it. Make sure you use the correct link to get a free wiki.

Links you might find helpful for Wikis (and Google Docs) here.

 Digital Tools.

KidBlog is available to students under 13 since the entire site is managed by the teacher and you can choose settings which don't allow anything to post without your approval. You can also see if your school will set up Google Apps for Education or GAFE. This allows your IT dept to create Google user accounts through a school domain and have control over usage. This means you can use it for students under 13.

Dear Heaton

I think it is suitable to contact to students' parents to create account for each  one. Then, send the materials to that accounts
May be this is a useful twist to enable the students to do a collaboration project



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