The question: which do you prefer for group editing- Google docs collaboration or Word Track Changes?

The reasons to use Google Docs are numerous. So far I feel like the only significant weak point is in the area of collaborative/group editing. Word's Track Changes seems to be superior.

What am I missing?

Please share your strategies for using Google Docs for group editing. Thanks.

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Google docs, hands down. In most cases word can only be used one person at a time. I don't know the downside of Google docs. Some tips are to designate different people to work on different pieces at different times so you're not overwriting one another's changes. I often create spreadsheets and have various people work in various cells or tabs. Or, in word I may create a table and assign different cells to different people at various dates/times.
As a Technical Trainer I like Google Docs over the other lesser known product because of all the documentation on how to use it available online. The Google User Group community is also a great resource when trying to work thru difficult, hard to diagnose issues.

Google Docs, and Google Docs for Education, is a good, low cost alternative to Microsoft Office for K-12 classrooms. Some users are familiar with using Google Docs at home, making the transition to using it in the classroom easier.

The one drawback, and it is a big one, is that students must have Internet access at home to take advantage of the collaboration aspect of Google Docs.



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