Taking a technology class in college great, especially as an education major. For my most recent project in my technology class I had to make a Google Docs survey and then send it out to get responses. I am glad that I learned about this because I think it will be so useful in the classroom when I get one.

Using the survey, I would be able to use it in and out of the classroom. While doing a lesson, I could get live results from my students about different opinions. This could be a great tool to use for many lessons. I could also use it with parents, asking them about how they think I am doing as their child's teacher or if they think something should be changed.

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I agree with you I think all teacher candidates should be required to take a technology class. I am currently enrolled in a technology class at my university and I have learned about so many great resources! Google Docs is definitely a wonderful tool for teachers to learn more about.

I would also encourage you to look into using other survey websites such as Surveymonkey and Flisti. Students in the Instructional Technology course that I facilitate have used those two websites to create basic informational surveys.  The students in the class have communicated how beneficial using these types of surveys can be for obtaining knowledge levels or skill levels their future students may have developed before a lesson begins and even after a lesson is completed. As stated in the initial posting, they are great tools to use to obtain immediate feedback.  This type of information can then help teachers develop curriculum designs that match the needed requirements of the specific students in their classrooms. I agree that every student in an education program should be required to complete an instructional technology course, and that course should be a hands-on learning process using current technological resources like Google Docs, Surveymonkey, and Flisit. The course should not be limited to reading about current technologies; it should be about actually developing projects that you as a teacher may be able to use in your future classroom.  It looks like that is what you have been doing in your own technology course.  As a teacher who is concerned with the learning processes of students, I think that is great, and I applaud your enthusiasm.  

I am also in a technology class at my university! I completely agree, I think this class is very helpful for future teachers. Google docs is such a great tool to incorporate in the classroom. It can be useful for many things!



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