I have created a teacher evaluation form in Google Docs, but I am not happy with the spreadsheet response view.  Is there any way to edit this spreadsheet to make it more manageable to read and print out?  Thanks!

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Thanks for your response!  I am creating a digital version of our teacher evaluations for our principals to use.  But, I think it could also be adapted for students to give the teacher feedback at the end of the school year.

I think you need to create the evaluation form in Word and responses sheet in excel then it will be okay.


Thank you.  I forgot to add that I want to be able to use this evaluation form on the iPad.  I have it all set up and am able to complete the evaluations on the iPad its the spreadsheet view on Google docs that I am having trouble with as far as being able customize the spreadsheet.

As Ilja said - download the spreadsheet to Excel - I always do that. (File, download as...)

Then you can manipulate it in Excel as you want.

Jason -

I've encountered the same issue with GoogleDocs form - making all information horizontal and difficult to read anything beyond checkmarks.


In another forum, an administrator suggested creating just a GoogleDocs document, one per staff member, and have staff members respond to questions and wonders - with only the staff and observer having access.  I thought this was an interesting idea.


Great question...please post if you find any other ideas.






Thanks for your reply!  Our school will be transitioning over to Google Docs in January.  I'll try creating a form with Documents.  Have a great day!



One thing I recently discovered when using forms for google documents is that they have a summary page of your form data.  It has been a real time saver for me, automatically generating graphs which interpret your form data. It might be what you're looking for.

On the spreadsheet of your form go to:

>Form>Show summary of responses 


Yes, the summary of responses is great!  Thanks!



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