I am just experimenting with Google Forms. Anyone else using Forms, how? I like the Forms...I like the Forms to make a quiz but is there any way to make the Quiz and give it to the students...like go here and take the quiz but the url is five miles long. I know I can just make a link on a website but I would like to say to the students just go here.

Any other thought/advice/ recommendations?

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You may want to consider setting up a website - a simple blog is often sufficient and then link to tests, forms, or any other content, from there. I'd just make sure to link to/upload the test the day it's to be taken - kids oftentimes tend to peak.

Use a URL shortner like TinyURL http://tinyurl.com/ or Bit.ly http://bit.ly/. You paste the long URL from the Google form into one of these sites and it creates a short URL that you can give to the kids - you can even choose the word. I do this all the time for Google forms. If your students have email addresses you can send the form directly to their email and that could prevent anyone from accessing the quiz.
I stopped using tinyurl after a student mistyped a letter and got hardcore porn, my adivice is use bit.ly and customize it
I use Edmodo. Kids get an account ( no email needed) and join their "class".

I post the URL to Edmodo, they log in and click the link.

Giving quizzes in Google Forms rocks!
Hello Coop,

I just started exploring and experimenting with Google Docs/Apps by myself this last two months, and I think it is amazing! I find something new every time I work on it. I used it recently to create needs assessment tech surveys/questionnaires at a local elementary school I am observing. I'd include links but I just turned off the surveys and don't know how to share the forms publicly in its off setting yet! Anyways, you can shorten the long quiz URL by using a URL-shortening website/app like http://tinyurl.com/ or http://bit.ly/.
I think linking it on a simple site is your best bet. Another idea is to use delicious to bookmark it and have them go there.

I blog about using Google docs, there is more info here:

Creating an Online Quiz using Google Docs (Form)





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