Hey folks,
I'm wondering...is anyone using GoogleSketchUp in their classrooms? Specifically, in Geometry?
I'd like to start talking about how that might be possible!

Thanks! : )

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Hey Meagan,
I've been using SketchUp a lot in my high school technology class, and my students have really taken to it. We've actually been using it to create/design structures, which I understand is not what you had in mind. I think the best use in Geometry would be in having students create 3-D solids. The students can draw polygons and use the push/pull tool to raise the 2-D shape off of the ground, creating a solid. Once the students have that skill down, the sky really is the limit. You have them create structures using certain shapes/solids.

If you have specific questions about SketchUp, let me know. I also recommend the "SketchUp for Dummies" book. It's a great resource. The author has over 60 YouTube videos about how to create houses, etc.

Good Luck,
Thanks for the thoughts Justin! I really appreciate the input! I'll be sure to let you know if I have any specific questions!

Meagan : )
Because I was just so impressed with the work of my students, here's a sample:

lesleigh project2.png
I came across this today and thought of your question: http://www.3dvinci.net/teacherguide/Teacher_Guide.htm



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