Peace to all .. whether anyone who has used google wave. What do you think about it. What is the difference is shown by google wave? seems to me that google wave just more to collaboration in the group. Whether other similar applications such as google wave? How google wave applications can be used in the class? hope get an opinions from all readers.

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Have you found the actual wave?
so, now I already have a google account wave. ( in my opinion it is an improvement of the existing Google applications with display and some interesting new applications.
Maybe for some asynchronous teamwork and google wave
( Are you already using it with many people? Is it interesting? Prior to this I often use skype to talk to my friends. I think using google wave more interesting because there are many applications in it.
I have used it twice with my friends. Really interesting~
I recommend starting at Complete Wave Guide. One of the authors was interviewed on This Week in Google (an excellent podcast btw) and was impressive.

Good luck, I haven't had the time to sink my teeth in yet.
Thank you for the information given. I already have an account but have not try it out in crowds.
I'd like to share a cheatsheet for Google Wave: (available in English, French, and Spanish)



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