I haven't spent much time on Google Wave. But now that Google has purchased Etherpad and is closing it down, I'm thinking that Google Wave might be a good option for collaborative editing with students.


Does anyone use Wave in their classrooms? What grade levels? How do you use it? How is it working? Any problems with privacy or parents?



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http://typewith.me/ is google's alternative to etherpad. It is the same thing. I played around with Google Wave with a few students. It could work very well. I think Google needs to get it out first and make it accessible on all browsers.
I find that Google Wave is still not at the point where I can use it with my 6th grade students. It is getting better all the time, but the interface and the usability is just not at a point where I can reasonably support it.

I ended up starting to use edmodo as a method to communicate between students and groups within the classroom. It has worked out extremely well.

For collaborative editing of text I would go to typewith.me
I hadn't heard of typewith.me. Thanks so much -- this helps a lot!



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