I have a number of Google Wave invitations to give out--if you are interested, please let me know. There are several Classroom 2.0 members already using Wave.

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Your invite is on the way, Jonah.

I'm not a teacher. I'm a retired HR executive interested in education and technology.
Thanks, Eric. :)
Hi, Eric

Thanks for the invite. What's unclear to me is the difference bw/ Wave and Apps. Both offer real-time collaboration and a chat feature. Can you clear this up, please? Thanks, again.

You're asking the wrong guy here. I'm not really familiar with Google apps. I did check and there are 264 different waves that include "Google Apps", so perhaps the best place to find the answer is on Google Wave itself.

Perhaps you could post the results of your poking around on the question here when you have a clearer picture. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested in the answer to what seems like such a simple question.
Hi! I would love to have an invite. As far as I know nobody in our School has been able to get one yet. We are very interested in trying out this Wave thing.

I am interested in exploring Google Wave. Thanks, Ellen G
can i get one? akashb@gmail.com. thanks
hey everyone
I would like to invite you to take advantage of the information available for educators using Google Wave at my blog


you can also 'ping' me on Wave: lorenrbaum@googlewave.com
I would love to try out Google Wave if you have any invites left. I am an elementary School Based Technology Specialist in Northern Virginia. We're trying to collaborate on ideas for our Global Awareness Technology Projects: brand new school and 11 brand new teachers on staff. My email is techtchr@gmail.com. Thanks!
You should have the invite shortly, Barbara.

I would like to request one please.

You should have your invite shortly...

When you get it, go here:


A few of the classroom 2.0 types have already connected on this wave.




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