I am putting together a presentation for my school on why teachers should consider using wikis and blogs.  As part of my presentation I wish to provide some examples of great classroom wikis.  May I please get some links from teachers of your wikis, so that I can use them as examples of why my peers should consider utilizing wikis?  I am sure other teachers visiting this discussion would like to see your sites, as well.  Thank you!

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Here is my class blog at www.andysclassroom.com. I also use weebly and all my students (Grade 5) run their own websites. It would be great to have some feedback, this is my first large scale website for one of my classes.

My student sites are password protected, but I do allow access if you contact me directly, obviously can't post it here.
WOW! Your website is awesome. Could I look at one of your student sites? I would love to do something like this with my students. You'd have to tell me how to get it started, though. I got overwhelmed looking at your site!
We use a wiki to exhibit students work. The parents appreciate it very much.

Here is my school's wiki. Each teacher is using the wiki differently so you will see lots of diversity in the different classes. This is the first year that we have tried implementing a school wide wiki.
I want to look at your school's wiki. How do I access it without a username and password?
I have used wikis for some of my college classes and love them! It's a little confusing at first but them gets easier! Unfortunately I don't have any classroom examples to provide, but if I come across some or know of someone who can provide one, I wil gladly pass it on :) good luck!
Hi Dean,
This is not to my wiki, but to another school in my county. The teachers all use it as their homepage so everything they need is right at their fingertips. I am in the process of making one for my school but it is still a work in progress. I know it is not a classroom wiki but maybe it will help drive the point home that wikis are our friends and can really be very useful.
Here are my two class blogs:

My personal blog:

I also have all of my U.S. History (10th grade) students keep blogs to post their assignments and I keep them organized in one bundle on delicious.

Here are mine:

wikistange my classroom portal used to post links, activities, and resources.

Stange-Chalkboard our classroom wikispaces. Students each have one to play with and they also collaborate on shared pages.

Portfolio first effort to create digital portfolios ... not as dynamic as I would like it to be.
Hi Dean,

I know your presentation was on Feb.15, but thought I'd add mine too. I use wikispaces for a couple different things.

Resources4Learning is a site that I maintain for students to access all grade level resources. I've encouraged several teachers to join the wiki so they can add their own links for their grade as well.

Runkle Technology is being used as a showcase for student work as well as a place where I post the project for my seventh grade class.

Resources4Teaching is a blog I just started this year as a resource to teachers in my school. Resources4Teaching is a wiki to go along with the blog.

Hope that helps!
Thank you. . . your sites are FANTASTIC!!!
Here is a link to mine. I am using to facilitate a very important issue: Texting while driving. Hope this is helpful and useful.
http://whitswiki.wikispaces.com/. You will see the page designated for this issue on the left. It is titled "Glogster".



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