I'm hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction here!

I'm creating a research lesson and although I personally use Diigo and delicious extensively, I haven't used either with students yet. I'm hoping that it would be possible to create 1 new account (could be delicious or Diigo - I'm fine with either) and have all of the students log in to it simultaneously and be able to save all of their resources to that one account - can this be done?

I'll only have these students for 2 days, so having them create individual accounts for this one activity seems rather pointless, since the objective is to have all of their resources in one spot. We're going to be working on research skills, technology skills, and (hopefully!) reinforcing their knowledge of cell structures, as this is a science class.

Anyway, the main question here is whether multiple (up to 30) people can be logged into a delicious or diigo account and if not, if anyone has any suggestions. My alternate way of doing this was going to be embedding a google form in my wiki and have the students copy/paste all of their urls into the form and I'd either then put them into delicious or just publish the google spreadsheet. I know there HAS to be an easy way to do this AND that someone out there has done this before :-)

Thanks in advance!

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I do this with delicious in my graduate classes. I set up an account with the name of the class and send each student a username and password I made up specifically for the class. They are then required to post at least 4 resources to the delicious file on a given topic. Yes they all have the username and password, but since it's just for that class it's not really such a big deal if they have posting rights. Oh yes, I also require them to add their name (could be just last name in your case, or a student code you set up for privacy) to the description so I know who posted the link(s).

Hope this helps!
Diigo now has teacher accounts that will allow you to create your own student accounts. They are automatically put into a group, too so their links could all be compiled in one group. I'm not sure about multiple people logging into one account and what the limits might be though. I'm typically logged into three computers (2 at work, 1 at home) in Diigo without a problem.

Here's a thread about the teacher accounts for Diigo.

Hi Kate,

Brought your question straight to Diigo as such:

Quick Diigo Question: Can multiple (up to 30) people can be logged into a diigo account at the same time?

Here's the response:

Of course. Non-issue :-)

Good luck with the project looks to be a good plan.

Thanks for all of the great responses! I taught this lesson this morning and of course I had to experiment to see what worked best - and here's how it went:

I tried 2 different methods over the course of 3 classes. Here they are:

1) I set up a new delicious account and simply had all 30 kids log in at the same time. They then saved all their bookmarks to that account and tagged each one with their last name, their class period and then whatever other tags applied. The computers we were using wouldn't allow us to even install the bookmarklets (didn't have permissions on student logins) but it worked fine to just have 2 tabs open all the time, one for delicious and one for the research. This was super easy for today's purpose.

2) I tried out Diigo educator and was REALLY impressed. This let me very quickly (and with no email addresses needed) set up accounts for 30 students. I then created a group for all 3 classes to use and added all the students to the group. In this case, since I only have one more day with the kids and am not sure if they'll be using Diigo after this, I just used the 30 accounts for multiple classes, but if this were for my actual students, I would have created an account for each student. Anyway, once all the students were added to the group, I just instructed them to make sure to share every bookmark for this project with the group. All of the students will then be able to view all of the bookmarks. Again, we couldn't install even the diigolet, but saving right from Diigo worked fine for our purposes. They used the same technique of tagging with last name, class hour, and other appropriate tags.

I taught both of these methods in a 45 minute class period and the actual explanation of the bookmarking technique took only 7-10 min. of each class period. The kids (7th graders) picked up on it EXTREMELY fast.

I was very happy with both methods, but for long term use and for individual projects I strongly recommend using Diigo educator, especially since I use Diigo so heavily in my personal and professional web research. The Delicious method worked just fine and I actually ended up using that with 2 classes and Diigo with only one because of the one less additional step (didn't have to save to the class group) with the Delicious method and because we didn't actually have a need for individual accounts for this particular lesson.

I was pleased to be able to test these both out - I hope to be able to play a lot more in the future. I highly recommend Diigo Educator to any teacher!
Great to hear! Thanks for sharing your experience.

I will touch base with you to learn more and also see if we can assist to get the school admin to allow the install.

For those who are not familiar, Kate was referring to "Add A Bookmark on Site / Diigo Simple Bookmarklet" ~ see http://tinyurl.com/4ttubl

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