I am interested in what people are classing as handheld technologies and how they are being used in schools. Is anyone using more that mobile phones and iTouches?

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I just spotted this post, maybe this would give you more insight - http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0415357403/202-4545082-758... , one of the better written books on contemporary mobile education.

Maybe you should sign up for Mobl21 (http://www.mobl21.com/ ) which is an educational application designed to compliment formal learning and content access using mobile environments to "review-refresh-reinforce" learning.

Trust it helps,

I am re posting what Amanda had posted in this forum on a different topic. Digg this - http://bit.ly/cSgnez.

I think netbooks are really going to take off in education in the coming years. A lot of schools chose not to use them because they have less memory. But using an Ubuntu OS, you can get a ton into just a couple of gigs, and all the software is completely free. Plus, price-wise, netbooks are comparable to many smartphones. And, unlike phones, netbooks can do a ton more -- if every kid has one, an interactive whiteboard is almost unnecessary.

If you're interested, here's more info on netbooks in the classroom. And here's another blog post that includes specifics on Ubuntu applications for the classroom (scroll down to see the list).

Lastly, for more on handhelds in the classroom, you might want to check out Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand site -- he's been on the forefront of mobile technologies in education for years.
I encourage you to check out Microsoft's Mouse Mischief. All the teacher needs is a PC with PowerPoint, a Projector and up to 25 wireless Mice to instantly turn his or her class into a collaborative 1:1 experience!

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Hi Helen,

Have you used SMART Response?

A simple click speaks volumes with SMART Response. SMART Response stands out among other products because of its compatibility with SMART Notebook software. The answers to the information you are testing students on is sent right into your grade book and can be e-mailed, printed, etc.


SMART interactive response system allows you to obtain quick insight into learning, track student performance and organize assessment results in the built-in gradebook.


SMART Response CE is interactive student response software for 1:1 classrooms. It provides instant insight, delivers dynamic questions, evaluates with ease and increases the power of SMART products.


Hope that helps!
Thank you for all the comments still coming in. It is great to hear different perspectives and also great links to further information.

This seems to be an old update but a friend of mine in Texas passed this information- http://go-att.us/s4bc.

ACU in Texas has been one of the lesser known yet progressive schools with respect to combining Technology with Learning.

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