I am doing some training on eFolios this week, and an obvious component
of this is offering Google Docs as an alternative to uploading static
documents.  What many users like about docs is that there is no need to
upload new versions, just make corrections and changes on the original
and forget it.

I thought in some ways, Docs was just as complicated to train on than
the eFolio site, which is notoriously difficult for beginners. 

I am wondering what new users to Google Docs find the most difficult to get used to, or what is most confusing at first?

More at teachingwithgoogledocs.blogspot.com

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Believe it or not, sharing in Google Docs among a group is not easy to do.
Having just completed a workshop on Teaching History with Technology, I can tell you that the hardest part for me was the idea that everyone can be editing things at once. It is hard to be typing in your information while you are watching other people contribute to whatever you are working on. Your thoughts can get drowned out in a sea of others as they pour in.

I see this is an older discussion but do you have any suggestions on how to do a sharing assignment as a group?  I was going to try a group DBQ and have each group enter a paragraph but I see that having them enter at the same time could be a problem.  



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