My name is Fredrik Bergström and I'm working at John Bauergymnasiet in Uppsala sweden, teaching kids from the age of 15 to the age of 18 about media. How to produce layouts, graphics, radio, video, film and so on.

My year is now coming to and end and it's time for a vaccation BUT before I take a break I'm in serious need of your help.
The thing is that the theme for which my school will be working next year is "how to internationalize our school" which basically means that we will try to work hard towards making our school more of an international school and try to reach out to the world and other countries that might work in the same way that we do.

So my question is as follows. Are there any media teachers out there that might be interested in some sort of collaboration/discussion over the next year and perhaps a longer collab into the future. I have a few ideas but it would be nice to have your opinions as well.

Feel free to send me a line or two if you have what I'm looking for. This regards not only europe but also the rest of the world. Either drop me a message here or to my other (preferable) e-mail: bergstrom.fredrik@gmail.com

Please help me!
Fredrik Bergström - Media teacher - Uppsala, sweden.

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