I need help finding the perfect tool!

A little background on the lesson:
Our students each chose a museum, college, or government agency involved in geology and wrote a business letter.  The goal was to learn more about the geology of different regions of the United States.  Prior to writing the letters, we studied our own geologic profile of Missouri as well as the region the students were writing to on Google Maps. Students then wrote letters describing the geology of Missouri and requesting samples and other specific information.

Now that we are receiving responses, here is what I would like to do...

I'd like to have a Map online, where students can mark where they received information, maybe a sentence describing what they learned and perhaps upload photos of items received.  That way, our classes have a collaborative map of our project that they can share with each other as well as send a thank you to the senders with a link to our map.

Any suggestions on what I could use?  Google Maps doesn't seem to have this capability...once a map is saved, it can't be edited (At least as far as my limited experience could find.)

Thanks in advance!


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Hmmm... I believe Google Wave allows collaborative mapping.
What about Google Earth? You can mark the sites and write comments to go with the bookmarks. Then you can share your bookmarks.
Two ideas I hadn't considered through Google. Will play around with both to see what works best for my students. Thanks!
Top 6 Free and Easy Online, Collaborative Mind Mapping Tools http://bit.ly/9s1qYG
scribblemaps? Maybe not very collaborative but you can save annotations and link to it I think...
In Google Maps, you can absolutely collaborate on a map over time. After you share your map with the collaborators, they only have to click on the edit button when they open the map.

Thanks for the link to the screencast. It is so amazing what we can do!
I ended up finding this post from Tech4Teachers that describes using Mapalist.com. I am going to try it out as it looks to be the easiest for my students to fill out the form to populate the map.

If you want, you can check out their Map at our class ning, Patriot Place.

I'll expand my learning and try out other mapping tools next!



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