Hi I’ am teacher in New South Wales, Sydney...I am in trouble, I have to create a 5 week project for my students, it has to be based upon the book - To kill a Mockingbird (English content) , AS well its has to linked into Changing Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginal people ( by which of course I have to cover history content)... so I’ am after something fun and interactive, but on the same hand if want my student to cover all the content....I need help...Any suggestions??

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I can point you to some fun assessments on Mockingbird, and a nice ePortfolio task on Dreamtime. I think there is potential for a really cool mashup of the two. You might need to modify the Dreamtime assignment anyway, as it's based on Victoria, not NSW.

A good project would be to re-create the story substituting Australian people both the immigrants and the aboriginals in the place of the blacks. The students could write a collaborative story, play, video program. You may want to select scenes from the trial, or the scenes from the community.



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