Hey folks,
I am wrapping up the work I have done on my wikispace this summer and I was wondering if folks could take a look and see if I missed anything or if I could do something to make it easier to navigate. I cleared out the student work from last year to make room so all the work so far is mine. I just want to make sure nothing funky happens in different browsers and all the formatting is correct. I know everyone is busy this summer but it would really help me out if folks could take a look and offer some constructive criticism before I "go live". 

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I have a really thick skin so don't worry about hurting my feelings.

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I think it looks great! It almost makes me reconsider my idea of using Moodle to enhance my brick and mortar classroom!

Your wiki looks great and makes me want to revise mine. I love the visuals and widgets you've included! I checked it all out and everything worked/loaded perfectly.
Just used old version of keynote for mac, when it use to let you export a presentation as flash. Wikispaces will allow you to embed flash.
Hi Mike,
Wow! Your class wiki looks really great! You have inspired me to explore wikispaces and create a wiki for my class. I love the widgets and visuals. Where did you get the cute visuals for your site?
I also like how your wiki is easy to read and is so organized.

Great job! I'm a "wiki newbie" so hopefully you'll be able to share some of your tips with us!

The site looks great. I love how you have provided the different current event articles for your students. I found myself reading quite a few. The other section I liked was the online quizzes. What a great idea. I'm going to try to figure out how to do that and incorporate them into my website. Thanks for the inspiration.
WOw, Mike! Fantabulous (yes, made- up word) job! I love your design and content organization! You've inspired me to revamp mine that I Iet go of.

I have no idea how you can plan out the whole year like that. I'm jealous, yet I teach about 4 subjects within a 2 block period, so I fly by week by week!

My ONLY suggestion (and it's pretty petty) would be considering using your own voice for the welcome audio. Those robotic recordings are boring, compared to the voice of a teacher!

Great job!
What are you talking about? That is my real voice. lol
Yeah I am really fortunate this year to only have two different subjects. Last year I had four preps, and I was always scrambling. Thanks for the kind words, Good Luck this year!
Uh-oh,,, super embarrassed... was that your voice???? AAAHHH!! I am so sorry!
Umm I was joking, see the Lol (Laugh out loud) in my post. Fear not, no need to be embarrassed.
I have so much to learn! This is inspiring and beautiful! Way to go!



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