Does anyone have any online examples of resources on how to help parents teach their children to read? Are there any teacher tools available that would give parents strategies to support what you are doing in the classroom.

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My mom used this book to teach many of her 11 (!) children how to read. Highly recommended.
Some good ideas everyone. Interesting results. Thank your for your support. Are there any other best practices that a classroom teacher is using to help parents?
May not be what you are looking for but my 7yr old LOVES Storylineonline

It has stories read by actors and the caption is there so your little ones can follow along.
Thank your so very much for sharing this resoruce it is absolutely wonderful. I loved having a story read to me. Like Galid said it was very nourishing
Thank you. That was very nourishing. (We) enjoyed it, but especially Mommy Duck!
I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but Starfall ( ) is a great resource. They do have store to purchase materials. Also, Into the Book is a great site for Reading Comprension: . Hope this helps.
Very much appreciated Maureen. Thanks for your help.
My 21-month-old LOVES starfall!

She knew her letters and sounds by about 18 months. I think this site helped quite a bit. You really do have to play around in it with a child to "get it".
You will find many useful resources for parents and teachers at
Great discussion and very excited about your podcast. I'm doing some work for It covers 10+ areas. It also allows teachers, parents, and students to make word puzzles to make reading fun.

Thanks for being a resource for the teaching and learning community!
Yes there is a game that children love to play. It has been used in the class room, and at home. It can be purchased on line. But if you go to, and to their contact page you can order it at a discount by phone.



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