My name is Matthew Davis a Liberian living in Ghana. I am passionate about helping underprivileged children to have their education as majority of them are from a very poor home where even getting one meal a day is a problem.

I have a project that try to help these kids in Ghana. I have put few of them in school now but there are lot of challenges ahead. For example : Most of the school in the area I am helping these kids do not have computers for the kids to learn computer lessons.

I put up a small computer lab to have computers there for the school children use but getting the computer is a big problem.

Is there any way we can help in term of technology to help me teach the school children where one can not have easy asses to internet?  I need your ideas to help the school children.

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Hi Matthew nice to meet you. I am only using this site in order to complete a class project for my graduate program.


Hi Debra,

Thanks for the information. Where else can we talk or chat since I am not here most of the time. Maybe the exchange of e mail will be fine. Thank and hope to hear from you.


Hello Matthew,

Awhile back I was presented with a need for computers for our school. We are in no way facing the same situation as you are in Ghana. However, I might be able to provide some ideas in using recycled technology. How are you accessing the internet now? Is there any way for you to find working used computers? As long as they turn on you are in good shape. Do not spend cash on software. Do you have internet access through your phones where you are located? What operating system do you use in your lab? Linux? Windows? Apple?

My school is in Hawaiian Gardens, California. I was able to scrounge and find computers that people would discard and piece them together to provide computers for my classroom. Maybe you can do the same. I am curious to hear what you have in order to provide useful suggestions.

Best Regards, Joel

Check out this resource in your area OLPC Ghana:

OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) is an organization that donates and sells inexpensive laptops all over the world. It runs Linux and is built to network with other OLPC laptops within the same network, sharing internet access.  :-)



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