We operate a management company helping schools utilize open source technologies to improve school operations and academic achievement. We have recently completed a project to establish a high school in the Panama City, FL area that is operated in a 100% open source environment with full integration for non open source applications like NWEA and other state reporting tools. Additionally, this is a 1:1 learning environment primarily utilizing a LMS with the teachers in a coach / mentor role. Probably one of the best examples of Clayton Christensen's model that he describes in his book 'Disrupting Class'. A second high school will be operating this Fall in the Tampa area. Other key differentiators for this school is a project based approach and a work study program for the students.

Since we think this high school model embodies several new approaches in the areas of open source technology, 1:1 computing (non laptop), methods of teaching and student programs, we felt this would be worth sharing and we invite any comments or discussions.

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I am Joe Perkins, President of Perkins Communications, Inc. Our firm designed, installed and maintained the systems in Panama City, FL which have been referred to by this gentleman. Many of the servers supporting this system still reside in our Ohio facility.
While his firm has: "...recently completed a project to establish a high school in the Panama City, FL area...", I find it curious that I have never met this person, nor have I ever received any e-mails or phone calls from him.



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