I'm interested in finding out what high schools are offering to students in the way of computer electives. I am looking for non traditional offerings. With web 2.0 everywhere what electives will both interest our students and prepare them for areas of employment that will change by the time they graduate?

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Hi Kim, I just saw your posting and I am asking the same question. Did you get any feedback in terms of HS Computer Electives?
I've heard of some high schools offering "mouse" classes -- basically a tinkering class that allows students to take apart, build, and program. There's more information on David Warlick's blog (scroll down a bit).

I've also heard of a lot of high schools who have GenYES classes (or something similar) -- where students are trained to train teachers in technology integration. There's also the possibility to host a class of students who serve as the school's tech-help desk.
Next school year, I am going to teach a 21st Century Skills class. I am not sure of the title yet. I want to illustrate all of the web 2.0 tools out there that can make learning difficult subjects a little easier and hopefully fun! Students will not only publish projects, teach each other web 2.0 tools, but they will collect them on a their own webpages created in Google Sites - kind of an electronic portfolio of educational tools. In addition, as the semester goes along whenever the students have an assignment from another discipline, they will be expected to use one or two of the newly learned tools to complete and publish the assignment. For instance: Quizlet for world languages; Voicethread, Slide, Prezi, and/or Animoto for a presentation; Google Apps for word processing and collaboration; Jing for teaching each other a Web 2.0 tool; a classroom wiki; online notetaking; online photo editing; etc. I have not finalized all the details yet, but that is sort of the plan. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
That sounds like a really interesting class. I am meeting with a teacher and my IT director today to start a conversation. I am bringing all your advice.
I am developed my classes with web 2.0 tools. We use a Live@edu to make learning activities. They have a space to publish projects.

We design quizlet for ecology and biology themes.

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Julio Aviles
Mexicali, Mexico



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