Is it really feasible for teachers to not only teach class, but to sit in it as well? Teachers are already swamped with things to do. Where does a teacher find the time to achieve their higher education?

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I made use of a "for profit" institution that offered a Saturday only program. It meant giving up most Saturdays for a year and of course evenings doing homework (and also a boatload of cash) but I did earn a Masters in Education in Instructional Technology from an accredited institution. While not a "perfect" program, I did learn valuable Web 2.0 skills that I benefit from to this day. I also learned I couldn't read for more than 45 minutes without falling asleep and part of the reason it was difficult for me to read for long periods of time was that I needed reading glasses! It was also a family effort in that everyone had to adjust to my not being available for most of the day Saturday after Saturday...
I know what you mean by the weekend-learning approach. I did my Master's Degree the same way as I had a job, and couldn't let that go. It meant giving up holidays too!
I am presently a technology resource teacher, am working on my Instructional Technology masters, and teaching adult classes at night. Although I am losing my mind, I have only four classes to go--I see the caboose in sight!
Good luck with that! I'm sure you'll appreciate it when it's done.
I did 2 Masters Degree programs simultaneously. 4 nights week of classes, lots of work on the weekend. After 2 years of crazy work I was done, had 2 degrees, big salary bump, and what felt like a ton of free time.

When I went back for my 3rd Masters, in Administration, classes were 2 nights a week and it felt like a breeze.

It wasn't easy but it was something I wanted to do, and something I wanted to do in a timely fashion so I sucked it up and powered through it. Glad I did it.
Two?! I can imagine that it was no walk in the park to get that done. I struggled with just keeping my job and studying for my degree at night, on the weekend and during holidays. But the 'big salary bump' certainly makes it worth it. So does the specialized career.
What helped was doing the 2 degrees right when I first started teaching. I didn't know any better. I started classes the summer before my first September so I was in a groove.

If I tried to do it now I'd probably kill myself. Back then I didn't know any better, I just did it (and I don't necessarily recommend it).
Well, kudos to you for doing it, all the same! I don't know if I would have been able to be that focused given the difficult routine.
Yes it is possible, it might be hard but everything is possible. If you really wish to have an education you can do it, everything is possible.
I agree! Half the battle is in the mind.



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