I'm a big fan of using Facebook groups and pages to support learning but I haven't used Google+ for this purpose.  I'm wondering how people are using Google+ to support learning.  I look forward to learning if this is another good option as well as the advantages and limitations.

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Hi!  I am actually in the process of experimenting with Google+ on my own.  I can see a lot of potential, especially using apps in the "hangout" video conferencing and for distance learning.  Since Google is teamed up with Skype, you and your students can share screens as well.  There is a slight delay, but it does work.  I have bounced lots of ideas around that I did not record, but will be glad to share more when I collect them!

I have a clear understanding of how to use Hangout for learning, but I'm wondering if Google+ has any advantages over something like Facebook pages and groups. So far it doesn't seem like it does but I could be missing something.

Ah, I see.  Well in that case, I guess the group component would be very similar.  I have not examined it deeply enough to discern any obvious differences.  I think the biggest highlight is the fact that you can easily access and integrate the many useful Google apps into Google+.  It is virtually a one-stop shop...Again, if I uncover anything more substantial in my personal experimentation I will be sure to share!  

I don't think they have groups, but it looks like they have pages.  Would be interesting to hear from someone who'se used this :) Thanks for updating with anything else you find.

No problem!  Do you not consider the circles in Google+ as groups? 

I have not used Google+ but have a teacher asking me to help her select an app that she could use for a project instead of Facebook.  Would like to hear what others are using that gives those options - or if they find that Google+ works instead of Facebook. 

We are considering for the project: Fakebook, SHOWN'D, Mighty Bell, Edmodo or Pinterest.  Quite a few forms of social media that we think could take the place of Facebook are blocked within the district limiting our choices.

Edmodo is getting a lot of play where I work, though I vote for you to use G+ so you can report how it worked ;)



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