Hi all,
I'm using Blogger as the platform for my class blogs this semester and I would like to link to course documents (mostly word docs) from the blog. Is there an effective way to do this?


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If I want to link to a document, I usually put it on google docs, then put a link to it on my blog...or if its too big you can try some of the online storing / sharing solutions out there. Adrive.com gives you 50 gigs of space, but I've never tried to share anything from there.
I mainly do what Jil Wright suggested. Other things I do include posting relevant documents on a wiki and linking to that. Finally docstoc.com let's you upload a document for linking.
I'm with Jill too.

Upload to google docs, then share the resulting link onto your blog. Actually, you can even embed your doc into the post, which makes it even easier to access.

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions.
I'd use dropbox. www.getdropbox.com

This program puts all of your documents up in the cloud, and you can get public links to any file you want.

Check out my blog post about this on my blog

I upload mine to Scribd.com and embed into the blog
I use posterous.com for everything. I use it to forward messages and quick blogs posts to my blogger account. It's so easy to set up- you just email post@posterous.com- they'll send you an email back showing you where your new 'blog' is. In order to configure it to go to your blogger, you'll have to go to that posterous site (after sending your 1st email blog post) and sign up so that you can forward things to your blogger. You can configure posterous to forward posts automatically or only the ones you want.
As far as attachments, add them to the email- and posterous will embed it into their site- you can make public or private- documents are in a flash-type embed (flypaper, maybe). If you send MP3's, it'll be set up in an audio.
To me, posterous is handier than a back pocket in my fave Levi's- especially since I can start typing an email (Google)- and if something happens, my post is saved- I don't have to start from scratch. It's just so convenient.
Check it out- I use it w/blogger and it makes embedding games in blogger a breeze!

~~~~~~~ Sharnon Johnston-Robinett

There's also embedit.in supposed to be easy to imbed docs in your site.
Use Sitewide to automatically convert all the links to documents in your website to embeds.
Myself, I had a half n half experience. But, I'm not a 'techie'.
you need to put them in a place on the network where they're accessible from outsite the network, after that you can just post the file directory as the url!
Maybe you can try www.zamzar.com to convert the doc to add in your blog.
If your blogger account allows content upload then convert your .doc file to a .pdf and upload. Microsoft Office 2007 products allow make this conversion easy but earlier versions of Office might require the use of a service like Zamzar.

If your blogger account doesn't allow file upload then you could use GoogleDocs, Scribd, or even Slideshare and simply link to your .pdf files from the blog.

Thank You a lot.. I was asking for same thing and I have reached to the point :)

I really have found the simplest way to upload your word or PowerPoint document on your blog, if your document is small or even big it will be uploaded in a seconds .. just follow the instructions in this link : Upload your PowerPoint / word presentation on your blog



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