The greatest challenge that many teachers face is to make their students want to learn.

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So I think we can! :) if we make learning interesting then it would appeal to students curiosity and it is an obvious point that students will be motivated. But how can we make learning like this? Some teachers have a natural talent for making learning engaging and stimulating, but some of us have to learn it...

As teachers it is our job to make sure that our session plans are created to cover many aspects and one of those being to make the lesson fun and interesting as possible

The advantage of FE is that the learners have chosen to study the course, however some certain topics may be their weakest but they have to attend to get the qualification. In order to encourage learners to learn it is important for lessons to be carefully planned with a variety of activitys. Being enthusiastic and loving your subject as a teacher will be noticed by learners


You can't make a student learn. I think you can only put the conditions in place and show them the way. Motivation is a very emotional and sensitive being and is everchanging. One week the student might be really up for it but the next just not interested. When that spark happens it is really exciting and if there was an easy formula teaching would be a doddle. I think the motivation has to come from within the learner and the factors around it are numerous. The carrot of getting a job doesn't do it for be chained to a 9 to 6 lifestyle continually working isn't a motivating trigger. There has to be more fullfillment involved.

Hi Sylwia,

During my degree, it was really inspiring when we had visiting artists and industry professionals. This gave us an idea of the real world and the industry, and what we could expect in terms of experience and qualifications. It was even better if it was related to what individuals wanted to do, as it focused our interest on the possibilities open to us on completion of the course.

I agree with the theme of this discussion that it is about making it interesting and relevant to the individual, but it is also about the social learning side, as peers are really influential, even with adult learners (the hardest of the bunch it seems when trying to make them see something in a new light?!) as they can put that added pressure on a student to have a go!



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