I've noticed the lack of time comes up a lot when discussing issues and there's a lot of pressure for teachers and students to do things quickly, cram as much in as possible as there's limited time, but is this really helping education?

Can we do things differently so the issue of time isn't so prevelant? 

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Hi Andrea,

I think there's a great deal more that could be done in order to ensure learners are given as much time as possible. A page like this where learners or teachers could post questions and people could reply from college, or even home could solve a number of time related issues, and perhaps also some others such as those learners who need more time but are scared to ask for it.

I also think that the significance of other peers is often overlooked. The professional relationship between teacher and student is always considered but do learners ever think about their relationship with peers as professional? Since studying on this course in particular, I have concluded that there is as much to be gained from my peers as there is from the teacher. Perhaps this is something that a teacher can encourage and install and into their students?

Thanks for your reply Emma I like the points you've made and I'd agree communities such as this one could be utilised to enhance learning outside the normal learning environment for students. This could help as you've said for students who are shy and don't ask for help, they might not as yet be comfortable within group situations in the classroom and this could help bridge the gap and it also helps in letting everyone's voice being heard.



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