Nowadays, computers are all over the classroom. Most schools have a computer lab, and many classrooms have their own set of computers. Why? Computers have become a major instrument in education. Students can research topics for a project, take quizzes and tests online, make power-point presentations, pull up videos related to a topic, and check emails that may contain important information regarding homework. Computers have benefited the classroom in many ways, as long as the privilege to use them in schools is not abused. 

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I agree, computers create many possibilities for the students as well as the teachers. Without computers I don't know how we would finish assignments in a timely manner. I know for some students computers are a way to help students complete assignments because some students can type words out a lot faster than they can write. I sure hope that my classroom has a full computer lab because I will make sure to include fun things into my lesson plan using computers.

You make a very good point.  Whether people like it or not, computers have transformed classrooms.  In many ways, they've opened up some great new learning opportunities for teachers and students.  Students are going to need to learn how to use them properly at some point and I feel that a school environment is a great place to start that learning process. 



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