I need to know how do this because a picture is worth a thousand words.  Someone tell me please.

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There is a program called snip and by clicking that you choose the amount of the screen you would like to take a picture of.

Good work! Snip is really handy on the PC.

Sometimes on a pc you can push a button called the print screen button. After which you can paste the image of your screen on a program, like paint. That's what I did! I pasted my shot onto paint and then saved it as a picture.

Yep the PrtScn button on the works just like a copy function.

do you have a mac, pc, ipad, or iphone?

if it is an iphone or ipad, you push the home button and power/lock button at the same time!

Very true!

On pc you click alt or fn and print screen. You can also use the snipping tool.

True and that allows you to capture what's called the "active" window.

In order to take a screenshot on a mac, you have to hold shift+control then press four. Then you take the highlighter and draw a square over what you want to take a picture of. When you let go, it automatically saves it to the desktop.

This is a nice feature on the Mac - making a file in one easy step.

So this is my screenshot... to do so on a PC.... you find the PrtScr button near the top of the keyboard and tap it once, then paste into Paint, save as a JPEG.

On a mac you just hold down command and shift at the sometime, then you press four. You then drag the box around what you would like to take the picture of and that picture automatically goes onto the desktop.



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