I need to know how do this because a picture is worth a thousand words.  Someone tell me please.

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You can actually open the PNG file on the desktop in preview an annotate it.

there is my picture!


This is my screen shot from a PC. I had to search "snip" on programs and files and when I clicked on the program it aloud me to take the picture of anything on my screen and then I saved it.

Nicely done.

1. Go to the Windows button.
2. Click on All Programs.

3. Click on Accessories.

4. Click on Snipping Tool.

5. Use the icon to make a box around the area you wish to clip.

6. Save your image.


Nice directions here. Step by step.

on a PC you can push the PrtSc button and then paste the image into the paint program and then save the image.

This is a great way to have a picture show someone what you mean in not just words.

If you own a pc and have Windows 7 there is a program called Snip tool, which you click on, and it will give you a gray screen, allowing you to choose which part of the screen you want.  Simply click then and it will make that part of the screen a picture.  Once you save it, it will automatically go to your picture folder.

I've loved this tool ever since it was introduced in Windows Vista.

I have Windows 7 and i have snipping tool pinned to my taskbar. So i (1) just hit the snipping tool button, (2) clicked and dragged over what i wanted to screenshot, (3) under "file" in snipping tool hit "save as" and put a name to it. And there you have it!




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