What phonics programs do you use that have proven successful? Do you use any online Phonics programs? why or why not? Has anyone used Reading Eggs or Click'n Phonics?

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Mc Cracken Phonics is the best program and the cheapest. I do it 5 days a week in small groups but it can be done as a whole class activity.
Thanks! How is it delivered? workbook? over the Internet, DVD game? Thanks again
We use Saxon Phonics at our school. I enjoy most of it, but half way throgh second grade, there are so many little things to remember (when it comes to coding words and such) that grades drastically drop.
Hi Katherine

some websites here for twoo private language schools in Nanjing, China

1 http://www.longingsun.com/

2 http://www.bluniverse.com/

Students at the first school are ages 3 to 12. About half of the students
are under the age of 7 to 8 years old. The teachers all share in the
responsibilities of teaching demonstration classes and carrying out
the placement tests




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